My passion for European quality products began with my amazing Mother who taught me the meaning of “Pamper”.  My favorites being LaMer,  Jo Malone, Penhaligons and Jeanne Piaubert.


I absolutely loved European products, they are light, airy and non-oily with creamy textures and wonderful scents, never smelling like food. Though as wonderful as they are, they were not hydrated enough and I was always reapplying throughout the day. I wanted luxury, but I needed more function…


Before deciding to follow my passion I worked more than 25 years in the world of Shopping Center Development, the last 12 years as an executive and Vice President of Retail Development. I worked with high-standard bath and body care retailers all over the world.


After several visits with the best European perfumers, and purveyors of fine body care in the South of France, England, Greece and the Middle East, I knew I was destined to create my own “Functional-Luxury” Bath and Body Care line for ALL women.


Hydration is at the heart of my mission, creating world-class products that are not oily or greasy. Our products are luxurious and add to the overall health of your skin. HWhite Luxury body creams, lotions, soaps, mists and bath salts hydrate, moisturize, cleanse and polish your body without clogging or leaving a greasy residue. They contain soft, light, creamy textures that give All-Day effective hydration.


Daily use can lead to transformations that improve the overall texture of your skin. Improving the skin’s smoothness and suppleness.


Our signature Fresh Air fragrance was created exclusively for HWhite Luxury and is absolutely amazing! For so many women, Fresh Air has become their individual signature fragrance. It also is known to work in harmony with your favorite fragrance.


Bringing you the BEST in luxury and function at affordable prices!