Special Blend Ingredients


Goat’s Milk
High in protein, triglycerides, Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E making an excellent natural moisturizer that helps hydrate and nourish skin.


A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is high in Vitamin C and promotes collagen formation in the skin.


Shea Butter
Moisturizes while providing a silky protective barrier for all skin types.


Aloe Vera
Well known for its healing properties. Man has used for over 5,000 years and the list of benefits and effects of this miraculous plant are many. Great to hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Increases elasticity, softens and soothes.


Sunflower Oil
A natural and healthy way of maintaining great skin due to its calming and emollient properties. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Helps skin retain moisture, extremely high in Vitamin E which is essential for preventing damage to skin cells by ultraviolet light or UVA from the sun. Improves healthy appearance of your skin. Also rich in Vitamins A, C and D. Absorbs easily without clogging or blocking pores. Non-greasy.


BAOBAB OIL… ( I fell in love with this incredible body delicacy on a recent trip to South Africa.
Known as “The Tree of Life” The baobab is the best known and most recognizable tree in Africa. Found throughout Africa, generally at low altitudes and in hotter, drier areas. Baobabs are extremely long-lived, with some specimens believed to be as much as 3,000 years old.


For centuries the women of Africa have turned to the baobab tree as a source of natural wellbeing to benefit their skin and general health. Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant capabilities of any fruit in the world. Almost five times the antioxidants as Acai berries. Antioxidants help protect our cells from damage caused by free radicals. Spa Body Cream is infused with pure, cold pressed and unrefined baobab seed oil, no additives. Benefits: Skin softening, improves elasticity of the skin, encourages regeneration of cells, superb moisturizing, high in antioxidants, quick absorption, no pore clogging. All Skin Types.


100% Pure Argan Oil
Liquid Gold…. Produced using the fruits of the Argan Tree grown in the Southwest region of Morocco. A legendary hydrating and nourishing oil that is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Absorbs into skin to give a youthful, dewy glow, and has astonishing conditioning and anti-aging properties to keep your skin revitalized. Does not clog pores! Sustainably Wild Harvested Virgin Cold Pressed Raw Argan Oil.


An incredible special blend from our wildest dream…..

Luxury — Natural — Fresh — Non Oily — Soft-Functional